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Boek een fietsgids en verwen jezelf met volledig op maat uitgewerkt fietsarrangement!

Are you considering a full-fledged guided cycling tour (or multi-day) with a professional and experienced cycling guide (Kurt and/or colleagues)? We work out a tailor-made package, based on your specific interests (story-telling), desired distance and time frame, including any lunch or dinner. other stops and sights! Today, "Guided tours" are the sum of more than 10 years of experience and only 'happy customers'!

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Various stories with lots of nature experience!

Various stories with a lot of nature experience, that is the summary of this wonderful tour with guide in a nutshell. Of course also fun to drive on your own, but there are so many stories along this route - not just the Great War - that you have to opt for guided guidance. Along the way, Kurt also guides you into 1 or 2 delicious local cafes, perfectly fitting within the rich stories you will hear.

  • 32km
  • 32 KM
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Enjoy a tremendous cycling weekend ‘In Flanders Fields’ with focus on the history of World War I, a taste of local products (and beers), and on day 2 the vibes of a real ‘cycling classic’ (Ghent-Wevelgem, Great War Remembrance Race or if you wish the ‘cobble stone’-experience towards Roubaix)

  • 100km
  • 50 - 100 km/day
  • road race bicycle tour for 2 days
  • sporting
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Season 2023: make your choice and combine your Biking BOX-cycling trip with Biking BAR-arrangement

What kind of cycling & group-arrangements are possible if you come just for 1 day cycling? With special focus on local food & drinking? What do we mean with 'The Great Picknick'? Why should you prefer a guided tour in stead of 'self-guided' cycling? How about pricing? Read here all about it!

  • 45km
  • Guided or self-guided cycling, tasting before, during and afterwards, enjoy a total, customized cycling experience
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The Great War in Flanders Fields

Full day

Superb designed Battlefield Tour in Flanders Fields with special focus on the First Battle in October-November 1914, the Second Battle with the Gas Attacks in 1915 and the cruel 3th Battle, the Battle of Passchendaele 1917). We go down in the trenches, we face the landscape that was so important for strategy reasons. We meet the living and the dead. The killing and the resurrection of a region and civilisation. One message is echoing all the way: peace and a positive attitude towards each other is so much better. Let's meet each other!

  • 49km
  • Active
  • Historical very intense
  • 13 stops
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