Biking Bar, the place to be if you wish to discover all about the cycling and beer
cultural heritage of Belgium & the Westhoek also known as Flanders Fields

Biking Box Cycling Experience Center: enjoy and discover all about Belgian Cycling & Beer Heritage in beaufitul Westhoek or Flanders Fields, nearby the Menin Gate!

Biking Box opens its doors with a complete concept of outdoor and indoor cycling experience

In the Biking Bar you find your ideal starting point for a visit to Ypres/In Flanders Fields on the bicycle. This is also where Ghent-Wevelgem starts and has its denouement with climbings on the famous Kemmelberg and crossing the Plougstreets. The cobble stones of Paris-Roubaix are nearby or you can taste the Tour of Flanders. But above all, this region is quite exceptional for its history and cycling-friendly roads.

You can check-in for rental bicycles or guided tours. With a good coffee or tea we discuss the options for next day’s ride. Of course after your ride, you will enjoy even more the special atmosphere. A good Belgian beer is by far the best compensation or reward after your bike-effort! If you are more a passive sports freak, why not drop by to watch live-sports on TV (cycling, football, rugby…)? Have a quick look already on what you can enjoy on drinks & snacks or desserts in the

Bar (click here).

Biking Bar is all about cycling, but even if you are NOT a cyclist, you certainly enjoy our great drinks (+ 50 beers, picon maison, smoothies, good wines and coffee or tea) and tasteful snacks & sweethies.

You feel and smell the rich history and heritage of Belgian Cycling, Walking across the Biking Box Cycling Experience Centre is a discovery tour itself: shirts of cycling champions of the past, amazing bicycles… the Biking Boutique & shop with cycling products or original souvenirs, such as the famous POPPYSHIRT-collection…

Biking Box originated from the brain of former cycling journalist and publicist Kurt Titeca, who was also the organizer of the LCMT multi-day event, highly appreciated by mountain bikers and cyclo sports enthusiasts, for more than 20 years. Now there will also be a Flanders Fields Gravel Tour (May 2024, first edition)! As a supervisor and historically knowledgeable cycling guide, he has been steadily building the double experience concept since 2014. After all, for five years you can now go to the Biking Bar even without being hungry for a bike. Cycling experience café, sports bar with, of course, a cycling decor to enjoy. The iconic photo of Ghent-Wevelgem 1975, with Merckx, Maertens and Verbeeck on the snowy descent of the Kemmelberg, speaks volumes in that regard. Over the damned corona years, Biking Box Cycletours (company name) managed to not only stay afloat, but especially after the much appreciated renovation work on the stately building, to grow into an unmissable stop. Tourists from far and near fraternize with local regulars across all generations. On Fridays it is now common practice for the young student population to ‘occupy’ the Biking Bar for a few hours. And then quickly switch to a slightly more mature audience later in the evening.

The rental bicycles (including more than 20 electric and also a number of racing and gravel bicycles) are located in the workshop at the back and in a specially built bicycle shed. The spacious city garden at the back is a surprising discovery: including an authentic and covered outdoor bar, the place exudes a particularly pleasant tranquility during the day. Here too you feel the soul of the race: a ‘velodrome shape’ and also banners of old cycling heroes, just like you will find those banners (painted by Moorsledenaar Filip Cardoen, known for Oden to Cycling Gods) inside. It’s something to drink a coffee or regional beer with the mischievous look of Mathieu Van der Poel or Remco Evenepoel on you. Discussing the race, but undoubtedly also about world news and the nonsense of ‘wars’ (Ypres, the City of Peace and the Menin Gate nearby), talking about football (one of the few places in Ypres where you can still follow live matches)… In short , whether you pass by before or after the Last Post, there is always one good reason to pop in… and stick around.

During the bicycle rental season, the crowds are noticeable in the middle of Menen Street, especially in the morning. Hordes of tourists (or schools) have saved this cycling address in their smartphones. After an expert technical and some geographical explanation, you can head straight to the farm for a wonderful day in Westhoek, also known as Flanders Fields.

Make the Biking Bar in Ypres your regular stop or final station!

Biking Bar Events

COMING SOON Gravel and Coffee ride In Flanders Fields,


Join us for a superb group ride out: Gravel & Coffee Ride, means we cycle on gravel roads (amongst others) and enjoy great coffee(s). Perhaps afterwards, something more ‘fresh’ or ‘Belgian Beer’-like?

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