If weather conditions are so bad that we hardly can enjoy our cycling tour, there is always 1 car available for 6 persons to make the alternative tour in a dry circumstances. Extra mini-busses can be ordered as well as for bigger groups we usually have a autocar (capacity 38 persons!) that is standby. Of course we need to make a good agreement with the bus-company when speaking of large groups. Communication before makes good deals anyway. We also have alternative programs with museum- and/or local brewery visits in case of ‘impossible’ climatological conditions. This also may be part of our preparational communication.

Visiting In Flanders Fields and Northern France is often a Great War-linked bicycle tour. But we do have specific content AND tracks, that make a connection with your national history. John McCrae (CAN/SCO), William Redmond or Francis Ledwidge (EIR), Oliver Woodward (AUS), Noel Chavasse (ENG), Hedd Wyn (WAL) or legendary spots in the landscape of Flanders and N-France that are for ever a part of your country, are well inbedded in our cycling programs.

  • a customized cycling tour, distance, time and even physical aspects are considered before we design the program. Our fixed programs on this website are available for you but most of all they give you the right inspiration for other tailormade desires!
  • a professional and gentle guiding that takes care of all you specific needs
  • rental bicycle service (if you did not bring you own bicycle)
  • food and drinks on the road: we organize picknick- or lunchstops in well selected restaurants or cafés, mostly connected with the content of our daytour. This can be a lunch stop in a museum-café, but if e.g. choosing for a History of Cycling-tour (sports) we look for a stop where the world of Flanders Cycling can be smelled. A sportsdrink-package (in a cycling drink bottle) can be offered for those who want to keep it sporty-healthy! Others may prefer to have a taste of Trappists.
  • luggage transfer (more-days-tour)
  • car-assistance (following car or just a car standby)
  • we help you find appropriate lodgings as well as a nice dinner place for the evening. We can help you with the reservations and order-choice!

This is possible thanks to our GPS-service. Rental service of Garmin-GPS on which we program the cycling tour that you choose in our tour offers. We prepare a printed version for your trip, a GPS-system (Garmin) to hook onto your bike and a smartphone app. Getting lost isn’t an option!

Although this is not our first activity, we sometimes work out nice walking tours. Please contact us through the contact form if you have a specific question about walking tours.

It is obvious that once you have confirmed by E-mail that you agree with our terms (program, date and price), we expect you to show up that day. Not showing up automatically leads to invoicing. For private tours (max. 6 people) a 48 hours cancelling is nevertheless possible without costs. For group reservations (more than 6 people) there will always be a 100% invoice after we have received your mail-agreement. A change of date without costs is possible if this can be booked on a still non occupied day. In the other case we charge +25% (extra guides and extra preparations in order to guarantee you same guiding quality).