Boek nu reeds uw Gent-Wevelgem ALL-IN arrangement (zondag 24 March 2024)

In 2024 the Biking Bar is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its opening. No better day than to do this with Ghent-Wevelgem on Sunday 24 March '24. Five years ago the Biking Box Cycling Experience Center opened its doors on 'race Sunday' (31 March 2019). Join this 'happy birthday' together with the ALL-IN Ghent-Wevelgem VIP-arrangement, including food and drinks. Just as this was highly appreciated last season by all who joined us in the Biking Bar. Do not hesitate and book your table in this 'heart’ of cycling! We provide a maximum of 30 places for the price of only EUR 90 p.p. (= £ 77,50).

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Drank- en menukaart Biking Bar 2023-24

Look at the menu and drinking card that we offer in the Biking Bar. You can order using 'order anywhere-tool' including payment with your phone. Cash or bancard also possible of course. But for the outside 'Velodrome Garden', the outside barkeeper will only use online order and payments.

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Biking Bar arrangement “Gent-Wevelgem + Kattekoers” all foods & drinks included

Enjoying Ghent-Wevelgem, or the World Tour In Flanders Fields? You can't do that anywhere better than in the renewed Biking Bar!
= the online form (also available on the Facebook page 'Biking Bar'). Pay ONLY EUR 75 per person before 22 March (transfer can be made to: BE78 7795 9388 7786). After March 22 = at 85 EUR p.p. (in advance = mandatory, bookings close on Saturday afternoon 25/3 if not fully booked earlier). See also
You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your payment has been received. You can also enter and register during the opening hours of the Biking Bar (open again on March 17 from 4:00 PM!).

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New! Biking with BBQ (all you can eat)!

There is no better setting to enjoy an exquisite barbecue after cycling than in our Biking Box-Velodrome Garden. Lovely garden terrace (it is also possible inside the Biking Bar itself) where you can see the meat being barbecued on site by our chef. Two options: “All you can eat” (€32) or “Medium Formula” (€25). With barbecued potatoes, vegetables and an extensive range of appetizers or snacks. Both formulas can also already be included with an aperitif (+ €6.50)

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On tour with the Biking Box-picknick e-bike!

Enjoy cycling and happy food from de Westhoek (Flanders Fields) with our electrical picknick-bicycle. Min. 4 to max. 8 persons can get our picknick-box in this specific bicycle. Including fresh drinks. Groups pay 50 EUR for this picknick bicycle if they also hire other bicycles from Biking Box. Only this picknick-bicycle? Then 70 EUR is the price for a day. Picknick prepared by Biking Box: 19 € each person.

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Listen to Belgian Radio about Biking Box & Ghent-Wevelgem (start in front of Biking Bar)

For the second time official start of Ghent-Wevelgem took place at the front door of Biking Box' Biking Bar in Ypres. But as the COVID pandemic crisis continues, it did not allow us to open our doors... A 2nd edition without cycling fans in or around the race.... The sports, leisure & tourism sector to which we are a part continues to hit extremely hard.
Fortunately, we still had Radio 1-Sporza who came to visit us. Here the radio-reportage here !

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Biking Box 7 jaar jong, filmverhaal in 12 minuten!

Silence rules during this long and sad COVID-winter months. As long as this cursed virus rules our lives, we can only hope and pray for a normal life again 'soon'... But when will that be? Being part of the world of tourism, 'biking' events and 'horeca', we - amongst many others - keep our fingers crossed that we can make a brand new start in coming spring or ultimately early summer... With this video we give you at least a bit of those vibes, that all of us have missed so much in 2020..

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We all come home in the new BIKING BOX center in Menenstraat 15 Ypres!

Biking Box... Biking Events... it's all part of our cycling experience that has been created to offer a rich and wide choice of activities. Biking Box Cycletours as such has a proven track record in the mean time, whether guided or self-guided tours in the area of In Flanders Fields. Everything so far has been done from our passionate drive for cycling and historical heritage.  As a former cyclist and cycling journalist Kurt Titeca and his wife Renate Drappier, have for years worked on this concept? They satisfied an international as well as national clientele specifically focused on the hiring, supervising and organizing of cycling in and to In Flanders Fields/ Kemmelberg-area. In addition, there is Kurt's journalistic background (10 years active as professional cycling editor and publicist) . Also 20 years of experience within the "" as multi-day mountainbike and road cycling happenings in Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes, In the more recent Remembrance Years Kurt operated as cycling guide in "Flanders Fields".

From this growing activity in recent years and given the need to provide a full welcome and something more ... we have launched the dream of linking the OUTDOOR cycling paradise around Ypres with the INDOOR cycling experience center. To give you an even more warm welcome and also great après bike services in the Biking Bar or on the massage table... Or just enjoy the new brilliant garden-terrace already baptized 'the WIPERS VELODEROME'. On the way to complete your "cycling experience" for Ypres and In Flanders Fields we will add all kinds of services and products that are linked to the world of cycling.
You will - as we do already - be able to get reliable touring bikes, race bicycles and of course the 'booming' E-bikes! Being a bicycle visitor you can get all suitable information about custom made tour programs, packages and numerous guided or self-guided routes ... The Biking Box cycling experience center is your best lead-out to get a brilliant day and even multi-day bike tours/holidays.

The bicycle tourist will have the opportunity to get a shower, to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before starting in the morning, and of course the best après-bike suggestions of this area! Regional cuisine or healthy sport/bike-tasting products (of course including the rich listing of local beers and even some wine from our vinyards).

Think of a yummy dessert or pancake, would this not be a tailormade sweetie for every bicycle tourist? Or just get the barista's coffees/hot chocolate? Little by little we want extend the kitchen with suitable and original food stuff.

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