Biking Bar arrangement "Ghent-Wevelgem" all foods & drinks included: Sunday 26 March

Monday, March 13, 2023

Biking Bar arrangement "Ghent-Wevelgem" all foods & drinks included: Sunday 26 March

Enjoying Ghent-Wevelgem, or the World Tour In Flanders Fields? You can't do that anywhere better than in the renewed Biking Bar!
HOW TO REGISTER? Via the online form on the Facebook page 'Biking Bar'. Pay ONLY EUR 75 per person before 22 March (transfer can be made to: BE78 7795 9388 7786). After March 22 = at 85 EUR p.p. (in advance = mandatory, bookings close on Saturday afternoon 25/3 if not fully booked earlier). See also
You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your payment has been received. You can also enter and register during the opening hours of the Biking Bar (open again on March 17 from 4:00 PM!).


– Coureur Coffee with croissants at the start: experience the start live and up close.

– The course has begun! Can be followed all day long in the Biking Bar on 3 large TV screens… meanwhile time for a Biking Box-Picon-of-the-house? Or Biking Box-aperitif-maison… Or maybe Cava/Champaign?

– First passage in Ypres of the riders after the loop towards Gullegem and ‘Passchendale’

– the buffet is ready: a delicious mixture of …(hold on): smoked ham, bacon, Ganda Ham with melon, fried roast beef, fried pork, ham on the bone, chicken leg,

… turkey ham, pâté with onion jam, egg, smoked salmon, smoked halibut, smoked trout, boiled salmon, ​crayfish, potatoes, onions, gherkins, cocktail, mayonnaise

… tartar, rice, bread, butter, vegetables

– enjoy our excellent beer and wine offer: 5 drinks included if alcoholic… But because we work with 10 boxes to tick: soft drinks, water or coffee = 1 box, the other pleasures of life = 2 boxes…

– while the cyclists flash towards Rodeberg, Zwarteberg and the first time Kemmelberg, it’s time for coffee +  ‘cycling pie’ of the day

– and then we hurry outside: the chasing group are already whizzing through the Lille Gate, the Grand Place is going crazy and we are of course standing in front of the Biking Box/Bar outside at the nadars, while the leaders fly towards the Menin Gate…

– Back inside, quickly order one at the bar before the sprint starts at the “Arrivée” in Wevelgem.

– Talking with who knows the right prediction in your pocket and a tournée générale, that’s entirely your choice… Oh yes, an extra drink menu can always be ordered on site. Or you just order from à la carte.