Book now your ALL-IN Ghent-Wevelgem Arrangement in the Biking Bar (Ypres) on Sunday 24 March 2024

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Book now your ALL-IN Ghent-Wevelgem Arrangement in the Biking Bar (Ypres) on Sunday 24 March 2024

In 2024 the Biking Bar is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its opening. No better day than to do this with Ghent-Wevelgem on Sunday 24 March '24. Five years ago the Biking Box Cycling Experience Center opened its doors on 'race Sunday' (31 March 2019). Join this 'happy birthday' together with the ALL-IN Ghent-Wevelgem VIP-arrangement, including food and drinks. Just as this was highly appreciated last season by all who joined us in the Biking Bar. Do not hesitate and book your table in this 'heart’ of cycling! We provide a maximum of 30 places for the price of only EUR 90 p.p. (= £ 77,50).

BOOKINGS & RESERVATIONS by clicking here (each reservation = also to be paid in advance *)

What may you expect?

– A breakfast with aromatic “Coureur” Coffee and crispy croissants at the start: meanwhile you simply go outside and enjoy the start ambiance, all live and up close. See the warming up of World champion Mathieu Van der Poel, followed closely by certain rivals, named Wout Van Aert and Tom Pidcock. Meanwhile, so many other top international riders look respectfully at the Menin Gate…

– The race has started! Once the peloton has left Ypres, we can follow everything live all day long on 3 large TV screens… high time for the highly appreciated apéritif: Biking Bar-Picon-of-the-house? Non-alcoholic cocktail is also possible. Or Cava, or a first cycling beer, Kwaremont perhaps?


– First passage of the riders after the loop towards ‘Passchendale’…


– the buffet is now ready: we won’t reveal everything yet, because we’re still checking whether we can do ‘better’ (?) than last time. Last time, every guest enjoyed a delicious buffet consisting of:

Smoked ham, Bacon, Ganda Ham with melon, Fried roast beef, Fried pork, ham, chicken leg, turkey ham, pate with onion jam, egg, smoked salmon, smoked halibut, smoked trout, cooked salmon , crayfish, potatoes, onions, pickles, cocktail, mayo, tartare, rice, bread, butter, vegetables

One thing is certain: we won’t do it for less!

– Would you like to get some fresh air in our ‘outdoor cycling bar’ and taste some specials on tap? In fact the whole day, you can continuously taste our excellent beer and wine range: 6 drinks of what is called ‘a better beer’ or glass of wine.  But because we work with a 12 boxes counting drinking card: lager (25 cl), soft drink, water or coffee is only 1 box. Other specialty beers (33 cl) or glass of wine = 2 boxes per consumption. One can always order more at the bar of course.

– meanwhile the cyclists, after fighting the typical polder wind, are now heading for the ‘mountain zone’ with climbs of Rodeberg, Zwarteberg and for the first time Kemmelberg. Inside, we cut into the ‘cycling cake’ of the day (with coffee)… Or opt for a Dame Blanche (ice cream) like a certain Fausto Coppi used to do long time ago (he had an affair with the ‘White Lady’ for who he divorced from his first wife, scandal in catholic Italy in the fifties!).


– In the meantime, the cycling spectacle jumps off the screen, and it becomes even ‘hotter’ when the historic city of Ypres comes into view of the helicopter images. Everyone rushes outside! see video last edition! The frontrunners are already whizzing through the Lille Gate. They float acrobatically over cobblestones along the historic Grote Markt (Central Square).  Now ‘ambiance’ goes to its climax with all the Biking Bar guests loudly encouraging the riders! While the escapees fly towards the Menin Gate, we look behind to discover where the pursuers are… Everyone is passionately encouraged up to and including the last rider.

–  Back inside, quickly order another beer on draught before the sprint starts on the Vanackerestraat in Wevelgem.

– An epilogue not to be forgotten is the passage of the ladies, who in turn provide just as much enthusiasm during their passage. In the meantime, it is high time to provide each other with the necessary expert commentary. Deserved winner? Discussions about who should have done what and where in order not to lose the race… Who knows, maybe you have gambled on the right winner? With that gambling money perhaps enjoy yourself and your cycling friends on a final drink! Because even after the real race, the story telling about cycling continues till the evening in the Biking Bar!

– Extra drinks can always be ordered inside.


*what if I need to cancel? ANSWER: You can cancel till 2 weeks before with a pay-back of 80% of the amount.