New WEBSHOP, preparing the Expo "Ghent-Wevelgem & Nico Mattan" (when COVID-19 allows us...) & trying to survive in the mean time with new summer programs!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

New WEBSHOP, preparing the Expo "Ghent-Wevelgem & Nico Mattan" (when COVID-19 allows us...) & trying to survive in the mean time with new summer programs!

Biking Box Cycletours also continues to build on the future in these hard corona times. Of course, this season is largely wasted. We are still waiting for permission to rent bikes back (not before June 8, that's for sure). And in what - feasible - way this may become possible again. The bicycle café is also still flat. And the planned hiring of new top racing bicycles has been postponed for the time being. But for the rest, we try to look forward as best we can. There will be an exhibition around the last West-Flemish winner of Ghent-Wevelgem, Nico Mattan (victory in 2005). If Ghent-Wevelgem is still being run this year (October 11 is the new date), we want to have the MATTAN-EXPO ready as soon as possible and open the doors of the Biking Bar. We are nevertheless not standing still in terms of the summer program. We bring an exciting new offer around 'Cycling & Boating in De Westhoek', new thematic tours (also downloadable on GPS and using our new APP on your phone) and a beautiful sporty 3-day for both cyclists and mountain bikers (program already partly published on this website). If it is not allowed by the government this year, this is already ready for the new season.

It is well known that 2020 is a ‘bad year’ for everyone who cares about tourism, events and sportsbars. We are also fed up. The intended expansion of the Biking BOX Bicycle Experience Center that was expected after a very promising start-up year in ’19 has already been postponed towards a new touristic season in 2021. In the meantime, we try to keep this project ‘floating’ in the corona hurricane. Unfortunately, not everything is still within our own control and we will partly depend on other (government) parties to guide our “Biking Bar” towards 2021 without further damage. However, what we still fight with full dedication. The beautiful outdoor terrace at the back, our Ypres Velodrome-Garden, is being finished these days. With own (limited) resources and a lot of workforce. Inside, the Biking Boutique (our shop) becomes an exciting place to discover. The bookshop is ready, although we remain very careful with new stock purchases for the time being. The cycle wear line will certainly be expanded. More cool cycling products and gadgets will enrich the Biking Box-Giftshop. You can already view some of this in the Biking Box Webshop (see link).

After corona: reopening, how & when?

Nevertheless, all touristic businesses share the same fear: reopening after COVD-19, when and more over HOW? Will it still be feasible to restart profitably this year? Which ‘hindering’ measures should be feared? In the meantime, our E-bikes (which urgently need to ride) are in the stable. Our own team regularly selects one to maintain the battery, because standing still for a long time is deadly for such equipment. One of our partner companies from the Netherlands (see this link ) is even selling all road bikes this year to start again with clean slate in 2021. We ourselves also currently offer 3 E-bikes for sale (our KINGO series) and this for only 800 EUR per e-bike (retail price was 3000 EUR). We do this to further standardize our total range of E-bikes in terms of battery type. Interested? Use the contact form!

Finally we invite you already to consider a visit to Ypres and the Biking Bar when situation has cleared up again. The NICO MATTAN EXPO (winner Ghent-Wevelgem 2005) is to be prepared before re-opening and the expected start of the famous cycling classic on October 11th… Read this article in Belgian newspaper: link