With Biking Box to the clay statues of No Man’s Land

A remarkable piece of art in a remarkable landscape: the 600.000 clay statues, representing all the dead in Belgium during World War I and for always connected with present generation. A message towards the future, expressing HOPE, represented in 40.000 kids-clay statues who break out of the huge Egg. Protection and a feeling of threatening as well. It's part of our bicycle tour in the southern part of the Ypres Salient.

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Vimy Ridge & Artois Bike Xperience Tour

A superb cycling tour, you can never beat on a car or bus: with off-road tracks (on our rental mountainbikes or hybrid bikes) we cycle from coal mine city of Lens towards the ridges of 1915 battles 'N.D. de la Lorette'. Incredible history but at the same time specific cycling fun. Also possible with E-bikes or classic bicycle on the asphalt-roads. But so much more intense when going off-road through woods and former battlefields.

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With Biking Box to Polygoon Wood (26/9 remembrance)

Impressionant! Polygoon Wood & the Australian Remembrance, that is planned for coming Tuesday. We were there already yesterday (with 'Aussies' on the bike ?) and met the TV-crew, quite busy preparing everything for 26 Sep 5.30 am.

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Press: Unexpected & surprising tracks on a poppytour

As a first lieutenant, our cycling guide Kurt Titeca leads his company of tourists in a very enthousiastic atmosphere throughout the battlefields of the Great War. It leads us towards a spicy battlefield tour, spicy because of so many touching, sometimes heroic stories of ordinary people. And yes, there is also a broader view, including the history of cycling that also colored this area with classics as Paris-Roubaix, Ghent-Wevelgem, Tour of Flanders...

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Bicycle rental is possible during the last weeks of the renovation works!

The last mile is the longest! This also applies to the ongoing winter renovation work on our building. Nevertheless, the bike rental season starts again from now on. As long as the Biking Bar cannot be open normally due to the work, you can still take a nice bike ride with Biking Box bicycles in the following way:
- call +32 (477) 592382
- send an e-mail to
- last minute: visit our partner shop: RAIDA in the same Menenstraat 36 (a little closer to the Menenpoort)

When will the Biking Box be fully open again? As soon as possible of course and that is in MARCH anyway! However, we don't dare pin an exact date yet. If that date is posted here, then it must actually be OPEN on that day! Everyone (including us) yearns for the Biking Box / Biking Bar. In any case, the patience is rewarded, because the new look and new furnishings look particularly beautiful.

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