We all come home in the new BIKING BOX center in Menenstraat 15 Ypres!

Biking Box... Biking Events... it's all part of our cycling experience that has been created to offer a rich and wide choice of activities. Biking Box Cycletours as such has a proven track record in the mean time, whether guided or self-guided tours in the area of In Flanders Fields. Everything so far has been done from our passionate drive for cycling and historical heritage.  As a former cyclist and cycling journalist Kurt Titeca and his wife Renate Drappier, have for years worked on this concept? They satisfied an international as well as national clientele specifically focused on the hiring, supervising and organizing of cycling in and to In Flanders Fields/ Kemmelberg-area. In addition, there is Kurt's journalistic background (10 years active as professional cycling editor and publicist) . Also 20 years of experience within the "" as multi-day mountainbike and road cycling happenings in Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes, In the more recent Remembrance Years Kurt operated as cycling guide in "Flanders Fields".

From this growing activity in recent years and given the need to provide a full welcome and something more ... we have launched the dream of linking the OUTDOOR cycling paradise around Ypres with the INDOOR cycling experience center. To give you an even more warm welcome and also great après bike services in the Biking Bar or on the massage table... Or just enjoy the new brilliant garden-terrace already baptized 'the WIPERS VELODEROME'. On the way to complete your "cycling experience" for Ypres and In Flanders Fields we will add all kinds of services and products that are linked to the world of cycling.
You will - as we do already - be able to get reliable touring bikes, race bicycles and of course the 'booming' E-bikes! Being a bicycle visitor you can get all suitable information about custom made tour programs, packages and numerous guided or self-guided routes ... The Biking Box cycling experience center is your best lead-out to get a brilliant day and even multi-day bike tours/holidays.

The bicycle tourist will have the opportunity to get a shower, to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before starting in the morning, and of course the best après-bike suggestions of this area! Regional cuisine or healthy sport/bike-tasting products (of course including the rich listing of local beers and even some wine from our vinyards).

Think of a yummy dessert or pancake, would this not be a tailormade sweetie for every bicycle tourist? Or just get the barista's coffees/hot chocolate? Little by little we want extend the kitchen with suitable and original food stuff.

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With Biking Box to the clay statues of No Man’s Land

A remarkable piece of art in a remarkable landscape: the 600.000 clay statues, representing all the dead in Belgium during World War I and for always connected with present generation. A message towards the future, expressing HOPE, represented in 40.000 kids-clay statues who break out of the huge Egg. Protection and a feeling of threatening as well. It's part of our bicycle tour in the southern part of the Ypres Salient.

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Vimy Ridge & Artois Bike Xperience Tour

A superb cycling tour, you can never beat on a car or bus: with off-road tracks (on our rental mountainbikes or hybrid bikes) we cycle from coal mine city of Lens towards the ridges of 1915 battles 'N.D. de la Lorette'. Incredible history but at the same time specific cycling fun. Also possible with E-bikes or classic bicycle on the asphalt-roads. But so much more intense when going off-road through woods and former battlefields.

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With Biking Box to Polygoon Wood (26/9 remembrance)

Impressionant! Polygoon Wood & the Australian Remembrance, that is planned for coming Tuesday. We were there already yesterday (with 'Aussies' on the bike ?) and met the TV-crew, quite busy preparing everything for 26 Sep 5.30 am.

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Visit Flanders, a place to enjoy and cherish

Visiting the 'Westhoek' (translated: 'western corner' in the outback of a country) in Flanders is an outstanding experience. You face history, of course, with so many traces of the Great War. You enjoy delicious products that also are the result of cultivation in a tremendous landscape. You will cycle around and learn about the famous Flemish cycling heritage. But you also get a chance to cross a border that in fact is no border: Northern France or 'French-Flanders' exhaling sometimes even more the 'old Flanders' than the current geographical Flanders. With the sea and beaches so near, the "Westhoek" and a holiday with Biking Box Cycletours guarantees you to find peace and feel the best sensations one can ever meet. Still a silent message always can be heard when entering the more than hundred military cemeteries, the Memorial sites and musea referring to one of the darkest pages of mankind. Come and share it with us! We are eager to reveal all its hidden secrets and precious (tasty) food and drinks. Finally, meet local people here. They just have a special way of life that explains why the other inhabitants of Belgium, also want to spend their holidays here. Once you discovered all this, one thing is sure: you want to come back. Again and again!

Note: most pictures are ours, but we made a compilation here with the story-telling part of the videoclip, made by Westtoer. Lyrics and music by 'De Dolfijntjes'.

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Press: Unexpected & surprising tracks on a poppytour

As a first lieutenant, our cycling guide Kurt Titeca leads his company of tourists in a very enthousiastic atmosphere throughout the battlefields of the Great War. It leads us towards a spicy battlefield tour, spicy because of so many touching, sometimes heroic stories of ordinary people. And yes, there is also a broader view, including the history of cycling that also colored this area with classics as Paris-Roubaix, Ghent-Wevelgem, Tour of Flanders...

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