Come (back) to the 'Westhoek' or Flanders Fields, a place to enjoy and cherish

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Come (back) to the 'Westhoek' or Flanders Fields, a place to enjoy and cherish

Visiting the 'Westhoek' (translated: 'western corner' in the outback of a country) in Flanders is an outstanding experience. You face history, of course, with so many traces of the Great War. You enjoy delicious products that also are the result of cultivation in a tremendous landscape. You will cycle around and learn about the famous Flemish cycling heritage. But you also get a chance to cross a border that in fact is no border: Northern France or 'French-Flanders' exhaling sometimes even more the 'old Flanders' than the current geographical Flanders. With the sea and beaches so near, the "Westhoek" and a holiday with Biking Box Cycletours guarantees you to find peace and feel the best sensations one can ever meet. Still a silent message always can be heard when entering the more than hundred military cemeteries, the Memorial sites and musea referring to one of the darkest pages of mankind. Come and share it with us! We are eager to reveal all its hidden secrets and precious (tasty) food and drinks. Finally, meet local people here. They just have a special way of life that explains why the other inhabitants of Belgium, also want to spend their holidays here. Once you discovered all this, one thing is sure: you want to come back. Again and again!

Note: most pictures are ours, but we made a compilation here with the story-telling part of the videoclip, made by Westtoer. Lyrics and music by 'De Dolfijntjes'.

Grenzeloos genieten in de Westhoek

In de Westhoek kom je op adem, ontvlucht je de drukte en laad je moeiteloos je batterijen op. In 2017 staan tal van nieuwigheden/activiteiten op het programma. Een greep uit het aanbod vind je op dit filmpje je alvast inspireren voor een gezellig verblijf in de Westhoek!

Geplaatst door Toerisme Westhoek op dinsdag 7 maart 2017