We all come home in the new BIKING BOX center in Menenstraat 15 Ypres

Friday, March 8, 2019

We all come home in the new BIKING BOX center in Menenstraat 15 Ypres

Biking Box... Biking Events... it's all part of our cycling experience that has been created to offer a rich and wide choice of activities. Biking Box Cycletours as such has a proven track record in the mean time, whether guided or self-guided tours in the area of In Flanders Fields. Everything so far has been done from our passionate drive for cycling and historical heritage.  As a former cyclist and cycling journalist Kurt Titeca and his wife Renate Drappier, have for years worked on this concept? They satisfied an international as well as national clientele specifically focused on the hiring, supervising and organizing of cycling in and to In Flanders Fields/ Kemmelberg-area. In addition, there is Kurt's journalistic background (10 years active as professional cycling editor and publicist) . Also 20 years of experience within the "LCMT.be" as multi-day mountainbike and road cycling happenings in Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes, In the more recent Remembrance Years Kurt operated as cycling guide in "Flanders Fields".

From this growing activity in recent years and given the need to provide a full welcome and something more ... we have launched the dream of linking the OUTDOOR cycling paradise around Ypres with the INDOOR cycling experience center. To give you an even more warm welcome and also great après bike services in the Biking Bar or on the massage table... Or just enjoy the new brilliant garden-terrace already baptized 'the WIPERS VELODEROME'. On the way to complete your "cycling experience" for Ypres and In Flanders Fields we will add all kinds of services and products that are linked to the world of cycling.
You will - as we do already - be able to get reliable touring bikes, race bicycles and of course the 'booming' E-bikes! Being a bicycle visitor you can get all suitable information about custom made tour programs, packages and numerous guided or self-guided routes ... The Biking Box cycling experience center is your best lead-out to get a brilliant day and even multi-day bike tours/holidays.

The bicycle tourist will have the opportunity to get a shower, to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before starting in the morning, and of course the best après-bike suggestions of this area! Regional cuisine or healthy sport/bike-tasting products (of course including the rich listing of local beers and even some wine from our vinyards).

Think of a yummy dessert or pancake, would this not be a tailormade sweetie for every bicycle tourist? Or just get the barista's coffees/hot chocolate? Little by little we want extend the kitchen with suitable and original food stuff.


More services are our bike-wash and a super secured bicycle parking inside the building (you ride your bike inside the Biking Bar!). There will be some massage service (electro-stimulation in the relax room upstairs) and for the winter season we provide accommodation for INDOOR CYCLING.
But even if you are not such an active cyclist, waiting for the Last Post or perhaps watching the race of the game (football) on our big screens, you will feel almost at home in the stylish Biking Bar.  Our cycling theme is further emphasised by photos, decor and other attributes and paintings from this homeland of cycling.
So just come to relax in the cozy bar having a streetview look in the famous and beautiful Menenstraat, right in the middle between the Menin Gate Memorial and historical ‘Grote Markt’ (Central Square) with it’s gothic rebuilt towers and cloth hall.
There is also an integrated store and EXPOSURE-space, intended to get acquainted with products that fit within this story. A bicycle mechanic can check-out your bike while you enjoy a delicious local beer, tea or coffee!
Finally, there is at the top of the building a beautiful loft, perfect for small events, indoor training or meeting room for businesses, before sorting out for a guided afternoon trip.

WITH YOUR SUPPORT WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN: crowdfunding action with fantastic rewards NOW!

With all this, unfortunately, there is a price tag. So we need to get some fundraising apart from our own financial means that so hard earned have been collected during the many years of organizing ‘biking events’ and the other described Biking Box-activities.

The building is property of the City of Ypres, so we need to pay monthly rent, still working out by ourselves the accommodation that is necessary to make this dream to become realitiy. We must accept that much of the described aspects will only become reality if we work in phases, respecting the budgets. Still with your support, we hope to win time and the sooner the project will be completed, the better for Ypres and the better for all visitors that will come in coming months and years. With the Biking Box cycling experience center, we just hope to add the most suitable attraction to this famous City of Peace but also cycling capital, thanks to the big and heroic cycling classics and even Tour the France that have frequented ‘In Flanders Fields’.

In terms of financing this project we have to realize it step by step. But there is already a robust private basis, thanks to carefully collected return on investment all these years with our cycling events and other operating pillars within Biking Box. Banks have expressed their confidence in us and this project. Still, every financing and loan needs to be paid back. And we are happy with the offer of logistical and promotional support by the city of Ypres and other tourist offices. Nevertheless each issued EUR must first be acquired. Cooking costs money. Literally true if we want to make our kitchen full operational with appropriate food & drinks. Our ambition is to acquire with the crowdfunding at least EUR 15,000 necessary for the kitchen aspects. In return we have worked out a truely beautiful and concrete list of superb rewards for all who supports our project (rewards that can be either obtained by individuals and teambuildings for companies, schools or other kinds of groups).  With this action perhaps we move at least 1 year ahead?

Anyhow, we express the ambition to have the opening of the Biking Box cycling experience center already on Saturday 30 March, 2019. Indeed, on the most important cycling weekend around Ghent-Wevelgem. The day before indeed is a feast for cycling tourists, so why not combine it with our Great Opening? We are sure, with a little help from our friends (you!) we may succeed in this little stunt! THANKS ALREADY!!