Teambuilding & schools

Teambuildings on a bicycle trip for your company or just friends together on a fun tour?

Our shortlist can prove it: a very respectable list of reputated companies already spent one or more days on a bicycle with us. Ypres and the surrounding hilly countryside has a well respected list of high quality hotels who are co-operating with us when it comes to define a teambuilding seminar & inspiring side-activity in “Flanders Fields”. On such occasions we are happy to deal with international groups. We speak English, Dutch/Flemish and French!

What can you choose?

  • Half or full day/2 days program: in morning (full day program) a taste of chocolate and other local products is integrated in the program.
  • Seminars: not only the outside experience but also a professional seminary of PCM-training (Process Communication Model) can be part of this teambuilding ‘In Flanders Fields’.
  • Contest/competition: do you want to make a little contest/competition? We make 2 groups and provide you with GPS. You need to go out for a cycling (outside the city) or walking (inside the city center) tour during one and a half hour: different targets to be chased. Which of both team can complete the challenge with the best score? A physical, mental and collective aspect is involved. But in the end, you are all WINNERS!
  • Enjoy! Or just enjoy the professional guiding on well defined and tailormade cycling tour: historical content and/or a local beer or wine tasting (the Great Picknick-formula for groups or do you prefer a lunch/drinking stop on the road… or both?)
  • Chocolate Tour! Still more ‘enjoying’, while tasting the famous Belgian chocolates, perhaps you want to help to make them?


All tariffs and arrangements on simply request! You can also apply for our referential shortlist of companies who joined us in the past.


Schools: a different but very interesting story

All British schools, but also other countries send their young people up to Flanders Fields. To learn about the Great War and how it changed and interfered in everybody’s lives. Because we are convinced of the added value of a guided and interactive cycling tour, we work out specific assignments for our young people. Whether they are high school students or just teenagers, our programs will be passionate for them. Learning by experience, that’s our way to ‘teach’! To see, to listen, to smell and feel the vibes of this area. The long time ago rumours of a war now countered by a peaceful green environment,where silence is a shout for peace-making! Contact us, so we may help your teachers with those time-intensive task to keep their pupils attention during their days in Flanders Fields. Ask for a tailormade arrangement and we also want to give you some of our references as many educational institutes already passed a most satisfying day(s) with us.

Our teambuilding tours

The Great War in Flanders Fields

Full day

Superb designed Battlefield Tour in Flanders Fields with special focus on the First Battle in October-November 1914, the Second Battle with the Gas Attacks in 1915 and the cruel 3th Battle, the Battle of Passchendaele 1917). We go down in the trenches, we face the landscape that was so important for strategy reasons. We meet the living and the dead. The killing and the resurrection of a region and civilisation. One message is echoing all the way: peace and a positive attitude towards each other is so much better. Let's meet each other!

  • 49km
  • Active
  • Historical very intense
  • 13 stops
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