Season 2023: make your choice and combine your Biking BOX-cycling trip with Biking BAR-arrangement

Flanders Fields -

  • 45km
  • Guided or self-guided cycling, tasting before, during and afterwards, enjoy a total, customized cycling experience

What kind of cycling & group-arrangements are possible if you come just for 1 day cycling? With special focus on local food & drinking? What do we mean with 'The Great Picknick'? Why should you prefer a guided tour in stead of 'self-guided' cycling? How about pricing? Read here all about it!

First of all: a guided tour is always just a bit more an experience than cycling on your own, especially in a region with so much history and story-telling. Still a self-guided tour is possible on our rental bicycles (e-bike, road bike or classic bicycle). And you can ask all information to our staff (try to mail us before so we can prepare a few things). All tarifs can be found when looking on a detailed guided program + on the page with rental bicycle information. But there is more: the Biking Box is also a ‘Biking Bar’, so before or afterwards, you have more than a good reason to stay just a bit longer with us! Read all about this down below.

NEW in 2022…

Five top formulas with food & drinks included!

  1. Bike & breakfast (breakfast before cycling): €16 p.p. breakfast (min. 4 persons), book in advance on  +32(477)592382 or +32(468)112382 Or e-mail 3 days in advance to: info@bikingbox. be

2. Bike & picnic: electric cargo bike for €50 plus €19 p.p. for the picnic (minimum 4 people)

3. Bike & Afternoon Delight (dessert table)

4. Bike & Après bike

5. Bike & Barbecue: from at least 8 people (if not on weekends), BBQ all you can eat for €32 p.p. or ‘medium formula’ at €25 p.p.

read more down below to learn all about these après-bike formulas…

1) Bike & Breakfast

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the Biking Bar before setting off on the Biking Box bikes. Do you choose ‘sporty & healthy’ or ‘British Breakfast’? Or a compromise between the two (all-in)? One condition: book in advance and you are with at least 2 people. You get breakfast for €16 p.p. and you also book the correct number and type of bicycles, any extras (GPS or junction package, or with a bicycle guide).

2) Bike & Picknick

Possibly with the electric picnic cargo bike on the road. An excellent picnic for the road with mainly regional delicacies and fresh drinks in the cool box is loaded into the cargo bike. You choose the (junction) route indicating where the most idyllic picnic spots are located. You also reserve the extra bicycles in advance for those who are still riding. Possible for at least 2 to max. 8 people.

Also possible is “the Covered Table with bicycle guide in a tailor-made arrangement” (themes can be chosen from the First World War, the broader complete Westhoek history since Celts and Romans, the Koers, with a nod to Ghent-Wevelgem and of course the culinary Westhoek with a focus on beer and wine culture…). A fascinating journey of discovery in which the interesting facts pile up and you return both physically and mentally satisfied. Here the picnic is set up for the group en route. At least 8 people, max. 20 people. The ideal group experience! Set Table for €19 p.p.


3) Bike & Afternoon Delight

How nice is it if you return to the Biking Bar after the bike ride with a slight urge for sweets? And if there is an exquisite assortment of afternoon delights waiting for you? From the delicious pancake to a delicious (farm-artisanal) ice cream ? Coffee or something refreshing? Book this formula from the month of May. A tempting dessert table awaits you upon arrival after cycling. Only on weekends or during holiday periods. For larger groups (from 8 people) it is possible on every possible day.

4) Bike & Après bike

Thirsty! Thirsty! Anyone who shows mild dehydration after a bike ride in Flanders Fields will get their money’s worth in the Biking Bar. A wide range of up to 50 beers, tasty (cool) wines or soft drinks is on the menu here. From the barrel? Or still choose that rich tasting Trappist beer…


5) Bike & BBQ all you can eat

Hungry! Hungry! After cycling you don’t just want to quench your thirst, but your stomach is growling. A freshly prepared delicious snack suitable for cyclists: from croque monsieur to BBQ (from 8 people) is possible, especially on summer days when the Biking Box garden terrace is a green oasis of peace, away from the city bustle near the Menin Gate, where you can see the meat being barbecued on site by our chef. Two options: “Eat as much as you can” (€32) or “Medium Formula” (€25). With barbecued potatoes, vegetables and an extensive range of appetizers or snacks. Both formulas can also already be included with an aperitif (+ €6.50)


All reservations can be made on +32(477)592382 or +32(468)112382 or e-mail in good time (at least 2 days in advance) to

  • Part 1: 45KM Location: Welke afstand kiezen?

    In regel kiezen Biking Box-fietsers voor tochten tussen de 35 à 60 km. Afhankelijk van het type fiets (klassieke 21-versnellingenfiets, E-bike of racefiets?) zal de af te leggen afstand vermoedelijk wat toenemen. Maar ook de stopplaatsen onderweg, de bezienswaardigheden, al of niet met ‘museum-stop’ of iets uitgebreidere lunch- en drinkstop, bepalen de tijdsduur en dus ook de afstand van de tocht.

    Onze top-E-bikes met Bosch-batterijen hebben intussen een bereik dat vlotjes de 80 of zelfs 100 km benadert zonder dat je moet heropladen. Let wel: de manier waarop je van de elektrische ondersteuning gebruik maakt, veel of weinig wind, bergop of vlak, heeft natuurlijk een impact op de maximaal af te leggen afstand alvorens de batterij moet heropgeladen worden.

    Gemiddeld leggen onze fietsers 45 km af als ze een dagtocht vanuit Ieper ondernemen.

  • End

    Geniet na van een lekker drankje of versnapering in onze fietsbar, in het historisch centrum van Ieper!

Extra information

  • Self-Guided tour available
  • Beer tastings
  • Wine tastings
  • Lunch possible

Other tours



Enjoy a tremendous cycling weekend ‘In Flanders Fields’ with focus on the history of World War I, a taste of local products (and beers), and on day 2 the vibes of a real ‘cycling classic’ (Ghent-Wevelgem, Great War Remembrance Race or if you wish the ‘cobble stone’-experience towards Roubaix)

  • 100km
  • 50 - 100 km/day
  • road race bicycle tour for 2 days
  • sporting
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Boek een fietsgids en verwen jezelf met volledig op maat uitgewerkt fietsarrangement!

Are you considering a full-fledged guided cycling tour (or multi-day) with a professional and experienced cycling guide (Kurt and/or colleagues)? We work out a tailor-made package, based on your specific interests (story-telling), desired distance and time frame, including any lunch or dinner. other stops and sights! Today, "Guided tours" are the sum of more than 10 years of experience and only 'happy customers'!

  • km
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The Mining Story & Christmas Truce

Full day

The 1917 Mining Battle of Messines Ridge on June 7th was a hell of a shock even registrated far oversea. While cycling your guide tells you how local folks as well as common soldiers eye-witnessed this unforgettable chain of explosions, that even set the sky on fire.

  • 48km
  • expandable to 60 km (with Kemmelberg)
  • classic/road-/mountainbike
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