Flanders Fields - Multiday

  • 100km
  • 50 - 100 km/day
  • road race bicycle tour for 2 days
  • sporting

Enjoy a tremendous cycling weekend ‘In Flanders Fields’ with focus on the history of World War I, a taste of local products (and beers), and on day 2 the vibes of a real ‘cycling classic’ (Ghent-Wevelgem, Great War Remembrance Race or if you wish the ‘cobble stone’-experience towards Roubaix)

  • DAY 1 = focus on a battle field tour, perhaps with a stop in the Passendale Memorial Museum of Zonnebeke (tickets have to be bought at the entrance). If you wish to visit the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres (in the gothic Cloth Hall), we go there with you and give you more insight reflections for 30 EUR extra (e.g. in morning and then start cycling, about 1 hour to max. 1h30 visit).
  • The cycling tour ‘Great War in Flanders Fields’ with counts ‘only’ 50 km, but with many stops and story-telling, including entering some trenches! Using road race bicycles though, we usually have to cut a little bit in those stops, because on a road race bicycle people wish to keep the ‘cycling feeling’ as well as seeing things. Of course, we design each tour as customized as possible. But be sure that we easily can fill the whole day (let’s say at least 6-7 hours in the fields of Flanders incl. a suitable lunch and drinking stop in a WWI-café)
  • DAY 2 = the more sporting day, still with focus on some WW I- sites, such as the Christmas Truce and riding the so called “Plougstreets”. We will see also some craters of the Battle of the Mining. On the other hand we will focus on the roads and hills of Ghent-Wevelgem (cycling classic). Here we might cycle between 80 – 100 km, depending on what you prefer (even more if you are in to that!). We like to ride with you a bit ‘behind the lines’ up to Poperinge, city of ‘hops’ and beer culture (perhaps a Westvleteren or Sint-Bernardus Watou-stop?). Remember that Poperinge is the place of the former execution cells in the city hall. Or you might become silent when observing 10.000 graves counting Lijssenthoek Cemetery, a former Casualty Clearing Post in the shadow of the Northern French ‘hill’ (or mountain) Mont des Cats or in Flemish ‘Catsberg’
  • ALL-IN SERVICE!How do you feel about a personal welcome the evening before (arriving in Ypres) with a personal briefing in a relaxed cycling bar-decor? In case you wish to ride with our rental road race bicycles, we check out sizes and positions. Perhaps pedals need to be replaced. Choose your helmet ((part of our service unless you wish to bring your own). Get your drinking botlles + choose isotone drinks for next day! All this is part of our welcome service.In case you wish transfers with cars (for luggages and or persons?) we charge 1€/km for the use of our van or mini-bus.TARIFFS 2019

    Daily guiding for 2 – 8 people on their own road race bicycles: 260 EUR  incl. VAT for the guide. If the group is 9 or more persons, you must count on 30 EUR/rider. In case of 20 persons or more cyclists we split up and ride with two experienced and well-trained cycle guides!

    Using our rental road race bicycles: depending on the bicycle model between 40 EUR and 30 EUR/day. On day 2 prices are 10 EUR cheaper/bicycle. If you wish to spend 3 days with us, 3rd day another 5 EUR extra discount on the use of the road race bicycle.


    Get in touch with us and we help you to arrange all lodgings in most suitable accommodations that are ‘bike-friendly’ (in Ypres and outside town, also possible to make connections with other areas, such as Northern France or up to Oudenaarde in case of a Tour of Flanders-day)



  • As a former cycling journalist I witnessed the big classics and Tour the France. Doing this guided tours on my own homeground which once was the decor of a terrible war, I designed the Poppyshirt in 2014. A shirt with a message: come and visit in Flanders Fields… But, please, do it on a bicycle! Many reasons can be explained to this sentence. Any how, with a Tour de France stage in Ypres same summer of 2014 we designed and made this honourable bike-shirt available. Well protected and with most respect to its historical significance. Perhaps you want to get this bicycle shirt or even the whole bike wear (short, socks, gloves, winter jacket?) after or even before starting your bike-holiday in ‘Flanders Fields’. Contact us and ask the best conditions. Those who ride with me always get the better price!

Other tours

The Wine & Cycling Heritage Tour

Full day

For the more ‘Bourgondic’ cycling tourists among us, this wine and cycling heritage tour is a must. Monteberg & Entre Deux Monts in 'Heuvelland' are surprising discoveries in the capital region of beers and ... wine as well! Enjoy and listen our astonishing stories of heroic cycling classics (Ghent-Wevelgem) or Tour de France-passages. Get in touch with the famous champions of cycling, of which some of them were very local (Freddy Maertens, Frank Vandenbroucke, Johan Museeuw, Michel Pollentier...).
Since we have road race bicycles as well, you might try the extended version also (from 80 till max. 100 km through Flanders Mountains).
Last but not least, discover the very surprising "Zilver Cruys", several highly reputated wines that easily compete the better Loire & Bourgogne wines, but here cultivated in the former battlefields and so nearby Monuments & trenches.

  • 70km
  • Expandable to 50 or even 75 km
  • Road bicycles or mountainbike (option)
  • Choose your vinyard to visit!
  • Wine and war on the same fields of Flanders...
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Various stories with lots of nature experience!

Various stories with a lot of nature experience, that is the summary of this wonderful tour with guide in a nutshell. Of course also fun to drive on your own, but there are so many stories along this route - not just the Great War - that you have to opt for guided guidance. Along the way, Kurt also guides you into 1 or 2 delicious local cafes, perfectly fitting within the rich stories you will hear.

  • 32km
  • 32 KM
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