Flanders Fields Classic

Flanders Fields, Heuvelland -

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  • 55

Beautiful cycling experience with a mix of Great War elements and the 'race'. War monuments and sites that are combined with some cycling up and down in the rolling landscape of Heuvelland. Optional about the Kemmelberg? You can also take the asphalt road all the way to 'The Angel'!

Through the Menin Gate around the fortifications towards ‘Rijselpoort’ and Palingbeek. Beautiful green area with some special WWI cemeteries, almost hidden in the green. Either impressively large, such as Bedford House Cemetery, which exudes the atmosphere of “Tuscany in Flanders Fields” and also offers a final resting place for more than 5,000 fallen soldiers.

Loop in and through the Palingbeek, towards the Golf Course (quite a bit of scrambling). We then follow the front line (see the many German bunkers in the landscape) and look out at the church tower of the ‘higher’ Wijtschate. We opt for a lovely rural meander to Mesen (beautiful abbey church), where you can visit the small but fine WWI museum for free, where you can view photos and relics, including a facsimile of the church ruin painted by A. Hitler.

The Irish tower (Peace Tower) leads via the Plougstreets to Bois de la Hutte! A loop past the Christmas Truce (Christmas Truce) site takes you past Ploegsteert (remember Frank Vandenbroucke R.I.P.) and gradually towards Kemmelberg. First through the picturesque Wulvergem (local café of yesteryear A la Basseville) and then gradually gain a view of the vineyard of the Monteberg (south flank of Kemmelberg).


You can reach the Kemmelberg summit itself either via the cobblestones, or turn left one asphalt street earlier (Kattenkerkhof). Steeply up, but no cobblestones and then turn right to the top at the French monument ‘Den Engel’. Back along the same street, but then right at the fork to turn around the ‘mountain’ and arrive at the foot of the Ossuaire (French mass grave). Just like the drivers in Gent-Wevelgem, it then goes downhill to Hoeve Traisnel (turn right).


Have you seen the bat bunker yet? Located on the ‘Lettingenberg’ (part of Kemmelberg), together with other bunkers dug into the mountain. This is how we arrive in Kemmel village. Time for a refreshment? We now cycle to the Pool of Peace via the Polka (crossing at the roundabout). That is an impressive mine crater with a unique view of France.


Wijtschate and Bayernwald (German trench site including mine shafts that can still be visited) cannot be missed, before gradually returning via Voormezele. The Pannenhuisstraat takes you to the Dikkebusseweg and back to Ypres and the Biking Bar!

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